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I've Had Enough!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

I can compete with him

On most levels

Such as jobs, quizzes etc

Except, when it comes to physical strength

So as soon as he hits me

I become the underdog, the loser

This was his final control of me

And this is how he tried to break me

He would leave me crying on the floor

Like a wounded dog

As he emerged the victor, the winner

Of his physically weaker opponent

But somehow, each time

He knocked me down

I got up,

yes I got up

And became emotionally stronger than before

Until, one day, I had enough

I thought, what am I doing with this person?

He cannot love me

And treat me this way

I cannot and will not carry on this way

Then, once I made this decision

I felt lighter and emotionally stronger

Then I advised him, our relationship is over

He said, “I am sorry, I love you”

So I said “I no longer want your kind of love,

I’ve had enough”

Then he replied “Please, I am really sorry, I Love You”

Then I felt an emotional strength,

Emerge from somewhere, within me,

That I never thought I had,

As I heard, myself say,

“Please don’t bother to say sorry or that you love me anymore,

As I am no longer listening”

© Lydia Nightingale

The Poetic Counsellor

I have written this poem from a women’s perspective, but I am aware that men suffer from abuse too. Abuse is horrendous no matter who the perpetrator is.

This poem is about physical abuse, but abuse takes form in other ways such as psychological, emotional, sexual and financial.

Please contact me if my poem touches you and you feel you need support on this or on relationship issues.

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