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Counselling is very powerful and successful in changing lives. Anxiety, stress or low self-esteem can cause confusion and stop us from reaching our full potential.

Visiting a counsellor gives you space to think and helps to bring clarity to your situation, supporting you to start living in a more positive way.

I work with individuals, couples and groups. Many of them came wondering if their situation could be improved, and I always believe it can. I always believe there’s hope.

I offer a neutral perspective to develop an understanding of your situation and help you move forward.

I have written a poem to help explain how I work.

Lydia the Counsellor

I see myself, as a passenger in my client’s car

I am there for the journey

But I will not tell you which route to take

I will help you

Clear the rain from your windscreen

So you can start to see the way clearer

I will listen to your ideas

On which route to take

But I will not

Tell you which way I think is best for you

I will help you decide

Which route you think is best for you


I am a patient passenger

And I don’t mind

If you get lost

Along the way


As I am always hopeful

That you will find your way

And end your journey

The way you want to

With me by your side


© Lydia Nightingale

The Poetic Counsellor

Individual Therapy

I understand how challenging it is to make a decision to see a counsellor.

In individual counselling I will listen to you carefully to understand you and your unique situation.  It is my intention to help you understand yourself better, facilitate the changes you want in your life and help you to develop coping mechanism for your future growth. Contact me for a discovery session to see if we are a good fit.

50 min                                             £65

1 hour                                               £90

I offer couples a safe and confidential space in which to speak, so that each of you can be heard by the other.

I am aware that making the decision to see a counsellor can be challenging, especially if one of you is resistant.  However, I have seen its effectiveness in bringing couples closer and improving communication.  

Couple counselling helps couples to:

-              understand each other better

-              understand themselves better and how their behaviour affects their partner

-              understand how and why conflict occurs and how to resolve it

-              listen to each other, then find ways to strengthen and rebuild their relationship

Couples can be romantically involved pairs, family pairs e.g. mother and daughter, or just close friends who are going through a rough patch and want to improve things between them.

Couple counselling can also help couples who have decided to separate to achieve healthy and effective communication for an amicable separation. Contact me for a discovery session to see if we are a good fit.

2 hours                                        £50

I facilitate group therapy for clients.  I am currently enrolling for my bereavement support group. 

Previous participants have said they feel supported, comforted, and don't feel so alone from sharing and connecting with other group members.  I have seen my clients move forward and progress from meeting people with similar problems and issues. Contact me for a discovery session to see if we are a good fit.


“I always thought I had to be so strong all the time. Thanks to counselling with you I show my vulnerable side more and have a new partner.  Thank you, Lydia”  T


“Thank you for your continued support and belief in me.”  J

“I just wanted to say thank you for all your support and help."  E


“Thank you so much for your invaluable emotional support given to me over the past several months!”  K


“Just a few words of thanks for listening to my many, many words over these past few months.“  L


“Thank you, your help has definitely made me look at life and situations in a positive and different way.”  A


“Thank you for being there supporting me and giving me hope when I thought all hope was gone. Thank you for helping me find myself again and restoring my hope in life.” D


“Before couple counselling with you, we thought we would surely break up, but after counselling with you we have started connecting better and enjoying each others company. We have even written this together. Thank you so much, Lydia" D & E

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