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Hi, I'm Lydia Nightingale

Are you having relationship issues?

Are you struggling to get over the death of a loved one?

Are you feeling stuck and wondering how to move forward?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If so, these are some of the issues I work with.


As a Person Centred Counsellor specialising in relationships, bereavement and work-related issues, I believe we are constantly developing and trying to improve our lives.


But sometimes the experiences and challenges we face make this difficult. It is at times like this that counselling can help.


“Thank you for being there supporting me and giving me hope when I thought all hope was gone. Thank you for helping me find myself again and restoring my hope in life.” D…

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A little information about me


I believe that counselling can be very powerful and successful in changing lives. Anxiety, stress or low self-esteem can cause confusion and stop us from reaching our full potential.

Visiting a counsellor gives you space to think and helps to bring clarity to your situation, supporting you to start living in a more positive way.

I work with individuals, couples and groups. Many of them came wondering if their situation could be improved, and I always believe it can. I always believe there’s hope.

I offer a neutral perspective to develop an understanding of your situation and help you move forward.

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