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About The Poetic Counsellor

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I know how challenging it can be to consider counselling and then finding a counsellor that you can connect with. I have been there!

I would like to see mental health being treated the same way as physical health, with the reduction of stigma and taboos. 

I offer what is called ‘Person Centred Counselling'. This means that I believe that we are the experts in the issues we are experiencing and our own lives.  The counselling process is not to diagnose or tell you what you should do, but to help you become more aware of your own emotions and feelings. Counselling helps you to understand yourself better and to be your best and more authentic self. 

I offer the option of working creatively, so you can bring your art, poetry, written stories or objects. I will encourage you to talk about how your objects make you feel, how they affect you and what memories they stir up.

Not everyone chooses to express themselves in a creative way and that’s perfectly fine. I can definitely support you and help you to express yourself if art isn’t your thing!

As a poet, I have experienced the power of using art to express myself. Here’s a poem I wrote when I first started my studies to become a counsellor.

My Feelings

My feelings are so deep, deep undercover

That even a top detective company will have problems finding them

They sometimes come out of hiding

And are at risk of being caught

But somehow, they always get away undetected

My feelings are locked deep away

I think, I may have lost the keys

Because even when I want to show them

I have problems finding them

You can tell me a really sad story

And I can appear unmoved

That’s because, I probably really am unmoved

My feelings don’t allow me to show any emotion

Can someone help me find my feelings?

I really think it is time they returned

I really, really miss them

I know my life will start to improve once they return

I suddenly feel a loss

Could this be a little tear?

From my eyes

Wow! I think my feelings are trying to find their way home

I will try to be brave and secure myself,

With the door open

Please don’t all rush in together,

Or I may feel overwhelmed

© Lydia Nightingale

The Poetic Counsellor

My Qualifications

I have ten years of counselling experience.  I specialise in relationships, bereavement and work-related issues. 


Person Centred Counselling (Dip)

Person Centred Counselling (BA (Hons))

Couple counselling Practitioner

Group facilitation

My Experience

I have been counselling for over ten years.  I specialise in relationships, bereavement and work-related issues. 



The Metanoia Institute                                     



Bereavement Support



Woman’s Trust

2020- Currently

Private Pratice

Counselling Therapist

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